Goodfellas actor shakes down The Simpsons for $250 million

October 21, 2014

Frank Sivero veteran of classic (and some not so classic) gangster movies including The Godfather Part II (Genco Abbandando) and Goodfellas (Frank Carbone) has filed a lawsuit against Fox Television Studios. The Character of Louie, a Springfield mobster who works for Fat Tony is alleged to be based on Frank Sivero and more particular his portrayal of Frank Carbone on Goodfellas. Louie first appeared the Simpsons episode ‘Bart the Murderer’ in 1991 and has remained a semi-recurring character ever-since.


The substance for this suit comes from the late 1980s when Simpsons writers allegedly lived next door to Sivero in a San Fernando Valley apartment complex during the time he was developing the character of Frank Carbone and filming Goodfellas. Louie’s likeness and mannerisms bare similarity to Sivero, but does this substantiate a lawsuit of $250 million? The lawsuit breaks down like this: $50 million in damages to loss of the likeness; $100 million for improper interference; $50 million for taking his confidential idea; and $50 million in exemplary damages over the idea.


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