Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy comin' through

March 18 2015

Scarface, the gangster movie that helped define the Hollywood pre-code era has already been successfully remade once, but can another remake have the same kind of impact as the 1932 and 1983 movies had on the gangster genre?


Well it looks as though we’re finally going to be given the opportunity to find out.


Universal has appointed Jonathan Herman (co-writer of Straight Outta Compton) to redraft the screenplay. The script has been kicking around for a while, written by Paul Attanasio (Donnie Brasco) and David Ayer (Suicide Squad) and is said to stick to the immigrant American Dream narrative used in the Howard Hawks original and Oliver Stone’s remake, but relocating the story to Los Angles. Little is known of the story so far other than the titular Scarface will again be called Tony but he is this time a Mexican who rises and falls in the LA criminal underworld.


Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín gets to sit his ass in the director’s chair, but there is no word yet on who will be cast in the leading role. Al Pacino owned Scarface and it will be a brave soul who steps into Tony Montana’s shoes after all “Come on, The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you.

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